• Scalp Cleansing Wipes

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Scalp Cleansing Wipes

New Oil Therapy Cleansing Spray

Formulated with Natural Ingredients

5 Keys to a Healthy Scalp

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Feel free to pick your Fresh. Whether you prefer the portability and convenience of the Scalp Cleansing Wipes or if you prefer to control the amount of beneficial formula applied to your scalp with our Oil Therapy Cleansing Spray shipping is on us...  so why not get both!

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Definitely recommended

I have to say that I have never thought in a million years that it will work, I travel a lot and I don't have time to wash my hair and this is perfect. Thanks for the opportunity

Mireisa S

Worked great on 4 year old

So it was way too cold to bathe my son last night so this morning I used the fresh partz wipe for my son's head, at fist I was sceptical because it did let out allot of suds and like bubbles but it actually left no residue on his hair and it left it smelling very clean and fresh.


Loved the Smell!

I found the wipes refreshing and I loved the smell! I will definitely be ordering again.

Stacey G

Love it

I wasn't sure what to expect from the cleansing wipes but I was pleasantly surprised. The scent wasn't too strong, my hair was still manageable, its great for in-between hair washes.

Pandora H


The wipe was very refreshing. Used it after working out at the gym and was sweating so I just open the little packet and wiped my head. Head felt cleaned and refreshing like I had just taken a shower. Thank you.

Terra J

Clean Scalp when wearing Braids and Locs

Use Fresh Partz Scalp Cleansing Wipes or Oil Therapy Cleansing Spray to remove product build-up and dandruff from your scalp while wearing protective styles.

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