About Us

Shenitha Laden, founder
 My natural hair journey has lasted over 25 years. I've worn everything from a complete shave to the third set of locs that grace my head today. Throughout the many evolutions of my “naturalness”, several things remained constant. First, the desire for healthy scalp and hair, second, a maintenance routine that didn’t interfere with my busy lifestyle as a professional woman, mother of three and fitness enthusiast. I formulated Fresh Partz to solve problems I personally experienced. You know the gunky stuff you get under your nails when you scratch your scalp when you’re between your regular washes?  It consists of dirt, dead skin, product build-up and sweat and I hated it!  I also hated that sour smell that tends to ruminate from your scalp after an intense workout. To combat this, I formulated Fresh Partz using my education, (BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry), a ton of research, and myself as a guinea pig. After years in development, I present to you Fresh Partz cleansing wipes. I love them and I hope you will too!